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”Vi må aldri glemme…” Kalendariske minnemarkeringer om jødeforfølgelsene og Holocaust i Norge (2018)

Marita Nygård-Wahl

Masteroppgave i historie
Institutt for arkeologi, historie, kultur- og religionsvitenskap

Universitetet i Bergen 2018

This thesis analyses how the Holocaust, and the persecution of the Jews, has become an integral part of the collective memory in post-war Norway. Focusing on three major cities, namely Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim, the present thesis explores the establishment of commemorative practices  and memorial days commemorating the Jewish suffering before and during the Second World War. Three dates are significant in the Norwegian context: January 27th (Holocaust Remembrance Day), November 9th (“Crystal Night”, anti-Jewish pogroms in 1938) and November 26th (the first mass deportation of Norwegian Jews in 1942), although it should be noted that local variations apply. As such, the thesis has explored a subject that, until now, has remained outside the realm of research.


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